Delivering Web Design and Marketing

Peter Whitfield Ltd exists to help your enterprise communicate effectively.

I set the business up in 2002 to deliver high quality services to selected clients who were looking for dependable, cost-effective solutions. I work with businesses and charities enabling them to deliver focused messages to their chosen audiences. I can work with you.

The Internet delivers a low-cost highly effective way to get your ideas to market. So I design, implement and host your web site. Then I look after it for you. That's Web Presence Management.

But I never lose sight of your audience. Or your message.

I'm experienced and professional, and totally dedicated to the needs of my clients.


  • I help you identify your markets
  • I define your key audiences
  • I articulate the important messages you need to communicate


  • I advise you on whether the Internet can help you
  • I build effective web sites designed for your audiences
  • I host them: fast, secure, resilient


  • I design for communication. Not artistic reverie. Not technical distraction. Not entertainment. Just effective communication
  • I deliver crisp graphic elegance
  • Then I keep it fresh for you. For your audience

To find out more phone me on 01453 861353 or use my Contact Page. I shall be happy to help.